Ways to avoid car repossession

How to Prevent Car Repossession?

Find Best Way to Avoid Car Repossession

How to prevent car repossession?

Expert Guidelines to Avoid Car Repossession

Take advantage of expert guidelines to avoid car repossession if you have gone upside down on your auto loan payments and hence, fear that your lender may take some extreme action. And if lender is about to repossess your car then we might help you in following the correct strategy to deal with the emerging situation for retaining your vehicle.

Options to Prevent Car Repossession
  • Negotiate With Your Creditor
  • Redeem Your Car
  • Reinstate Your Loan
  • Refinance Your Auto Loan

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5 Different Ways To Avoid Car Repossession

Get new loan

You can apply for a new loan with a lower interest rate and get rid of an expensive loan. After you repay the existing car loan by paying all unpaid principal loan balance along with due interests, repossession fees, penalties and car storage charges, you can get back your car.

Plan a budget

Prior to researching various options for getting your repossessed vehicle back, it could be advisable for you to formulate a practically workable budget, as that will let you know how much you can spend on your car payments each month.

Defer payments

Contact your current lender and put up a request for deferment of missed car instalments and at the same time, make sure that you will start paying monthly payments regularly.

Apply for refinance

See if you can get your car refinanced to a lower rate lest you can save it from an auction. Refinancing will allow you to repay the original auto loan instantly and thus, help you to get your repossessed car back from your loan dealer.

Enter forbearance

While it could be difficult to defer payments or refinance car if it has been already repossessed, there is one more option which is available with you and that is entering into forbearance with lender..

Know How to Prevent Your Car from Being Repossessed

  • Most of the lenders do have some programs for borrowers who are facing temporary financial crisis and you can contact your creditor to find out if you are eligible for one of these help programs.
  • However, if there is a cosigner for your original loan and still, payments have been missed then the car repossession will be reflected on the co-signer’s credit report as well.
  • As the overall costs involved in repossessing cars is quite high, lenders only resort to it as a last option. This gives borrower the chance to explore several alternatives to prevent car from being repoed.

Learn How To Avoid Car Repossession When You Can’t Repay Dues

Contact lender immediately

Lender may allow you to keep the car by agreeing to defer missed car payments if you are honest in explaining your financial hardships if you have behaved responsibly earlier.

Refinance car to lower rate

You can always consider getting your car refinanced to a low interest rate and get affordable monthly payments. By doing so, you will get an extended loan term.

Sell the vehicle to repay dues

The last option with you is to sell off the car and use the proceeds to repay all outstanding loan dues. But before selling it, ascertain its market value.

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