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Top 7 tips for extending your car life

Some Important Tips for Extending the Life of Your Car

By now almost everybody is aware that car values depreciate fast with passing time. But it is also true that car owners love their vehicles and therefore, given a chance, every owner would like to take care of his car.

There could be certain methods for extending life of cars and one must know them so as to increase the resale price or trade-in value of his car in future. Here are some vital factors which you may take into account if you are proud car owner who intends to keep driving your car for a longer while.

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Get your scheduled services

First and foremost, one of the most important aspects of cars is their maintenance, make sure you get it serviced on time. Scheduled services enable changing of fluids, oil and filter at opportune at regular intervals and can be also helpful identifying any major problems.

Check oil, coolant and fluids

Car’s engine has to be well lubricated at all times and to that effect, you need to check whether there is sufficient oil, coolant or other fluids as well as brake fluid in your car’s system. Lower fluid levels can lead to problems on road.

Check the car’s tyre pressures

If pressure in tyre is low then it can reduce its life by almost 15% and decrease gas efficiency by 10%. So ensure that you check tyre pressure regularly. Besides, to maintain safety and stability of your car’s wheels, get them rotated and aligned regularly.

Clean your vehicle inside out

By cleaning your car daily, you can prevent its body from rusting and free from accumulation of pollutants. A cleaner chassis can be instrumental in avoiding corrosion as well. Remember, corrosion can spread to each and every part of your car and damage various parts.

Change oil every 6 months

Even if logbook or scheduled services ensure change of oil, it could be better if you get engine oil changed after every 6 months. Such a proposition can be helpful for extending the life of your vehicle. In addition, you can change oil filter too.

Avoid going for short trips

Shorter trips could put extra strain on car components as such a move never enables car to get warmer after “cold start” meaning water produced by condensation doesn’t get enough time to evaporate and this can cause rusting so go for long drive very often.

Check your car’s brake pads

For safety reasons, you must check brake pads in car at regular intervals as any damages to these can prove to be costly. Alternatively, it may also imply that your car’s breaking system is alright and there are no reasons to worry during long drives.

Guidelines for extending the life of your car

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