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Find the best auto loans for self employed people by taking advantage of our cost-free expert help online. Determine eligibility to receive a car loan approval if you are primary occupation is business, chartered accountancy, providing legal advice, working as a waiter or doing job on a commission basis or tips, etc. Act to get started with your task today!

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Car Finance For Self Employed People – What To Provide Other Than Income Proof?

To enhance chances of getting auto loan for self employed people, it could be vital for you to keep the below mentioned set of documents ready for submission as most of the loan dealers will demand them.

  • Copy of one of your latest monthly utility bills as proof for having steady residence.
  • Copy of one of your recent phone bills to enable lenders contact you for verification.
  • List of references that include friends or relatives along with their residential addresses and contact numbers.
  • Copy of your latest bank and mortgage statement or landlord’s information if living on rent.

Applying For A Self Employed Car Loan – Things To Consider

When considering applying for a self employed auto loans program, it could be important for you to provide copies of last 2 years’ income tax returns. Besides, the following papers are needed to be readied to save time while getting car loans for self employed.

Proof of Residence

Phone bill, utility bills, copy of disconnection notice for any bill which is due, property tax documents, homeownership papers, etc. are valid documents for the purpose of steady residential proof.

Contact Information

In case, you don’t offer phone bill for address verification purpose, you can provide it for the purpose of contact details to lenders so that they can verify authenticity of residential information.

Mortgage or Lease Papers

To verify whether you own a house or live on rent, lenders will ask you to submit mortgage or lease papers (along with landlord’s information) as the case may be.

Personal References

Most of the loan dealers require applicants to offer at least 8 to 10 personal references in their self employed professional’s auto loan application so ensure that you give them.

Get Help To Boost Chances Of Qualifying For A Self Employed Car Finance

AutoLoanBadCreditToday has a specialized nationwide lending network that even includes loan dealerships which provide low doc car loans for self-employed. To improve chances of qualifying for a car loan program that fits your needs and budget, all you need to do is just complete a simple online application.

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